Getting Involved

Apply to Muir College Council TODAY!

Applications are out NOW! Apply to Muir College Council to gain valuable experience in leadership. ANY MUIR STUDENT CAN APPLY!

The available positions are as follows:

  • VP External: Responsible for supporting MCC members who sit on campus-wide committees (HDH, STAC, etc.)
  • VP Internal: Responsible for supporting MCC members and planning retreat
  • VP Administrative Affairs: Responsible for taking minutes at MCC meetings and maintaining attendance records
  • VP Public Relations: Responsible for outreach and creating opportunities for Muir students to interact with Council
  • Webmaster: Responsible for keeping the website up-to-date
  • Celebrating John Muir Week Co-Chair: Responsible for planning Muirstock and co-chairing the Celebrating John Muir Week/Muirstock Committee
  • Muirstock Co-Chair: Responsible for planning Celebrating John Muir Week and co-chairing the Celebrating John Muir Week/Muirstock Committee

Please follow this link, or click on the infographic below:

Student Government Elections

Elections for the 2020-2021 executives (president, vice presidents, senators) for Associated Students will occur Week 8 of spring quarter on TritonLink. Check back for more information in Spring quarter!

MCC Committees

Muir College Council has several internal committees. These are each chaired by a Vice President; internal council members select a committee to join. There are also several external committees that are chaired by a designated member of council but open to the entire student body.

Student Organizations

Follow this link to see a list of all Muir’s student organizations, and their meeting times!

Check out more information about each student organization here.

To keep up to date with happenings in Muir College, be sure to add the Muir College Council Calendar!

Publicity in Muir

Need help in publicizing your Event in Muir? Follow this link to see how we can help you advertise your announcements or events!