Fall 2017 Applications

Are you interested in getting more involved in the Muir College and UCSD ? Do you want to learn about prevalent issues, improve your leadership skills, make an impact on the community? Then join Muir College Council (MCC)!

Fall 2017 Applications will be available starting  week one of Fall Quarter 2017!

Student Government of John Muir College

“The John Muir College Council shall oversee and seek to improve all aspects of college life, both academic and social, as they significantly affect the Muir College Student Body.”

  – John Muir College Council Constitution

The purpose of Muir College Council, or MCC as we like to call it, includes developing policies and procedure, allocating funds to other Muir organizations, tackling issues that affect Muir students and the broader UC San Diego community, through representation of Muir students. MCC consists of elected and appointed representatives from all different types of Muir students.

Meetings are 6PM on Thursday in Half-Dome Lounge and open to all!