MCC is now welcoming all students to attend external and internal committee meetings to provide input and/or listen in!

External Committees

These committees are chaired by a designated council member, but membership is open to the entire student body!

  • Celebrating John Muir Week and Muirstock Committee
    • Organizes the CJMW and Muirstock events in the spring; includes booking artists, choosing CJMW events, and much, much more!
    • Chair: Eric Ron (Muirstock) and Andrew Auh (CJMW)
    • When/Where: TBD
  • Spirit Committee
    • Promotes Muir and UCSD spirit by hosting events and promoting athletics; oversees Muir’s involvement in the Spirit Night basketball game in winter quarter.
    • Chair: Jasmine Ballard
    • When/Where: TBD
  • Muir Initiatives Committee
    • Coming this quarter! We want to give all students access to council’s resources so they can tackle issues and have an impact.
    • Chair: Roxy Montalvo, VP External Affairs

Internal Committees

Internal members of council choose a committee to join. These committees each oversee an aspect of council.

  • Finance Committee
    • Previews funding requests and provides information on past allocations.
    • Chair: Sunny Pasumarthi, VP Finance
    • When/Where: TBD
  • Publicity Committee
    • Oversees council’s social media, visibility, and advertising efforts.
    • Chair:  Pankhuri Prasad, VP Public Relations
    • When/Where: Every Tuesday at 6 PM (M.O.M.)
  • Rules Committees
    • Reviews council’s governing documents and recommends changes to better reflect our procedures.
    • Chair: Jennell Encizo, VP Internal Affairs
    • When/Where: TBD