Join Muir College Council!


Muir College Council has a number of voting and nonvoting positions that are appointed.

The following Internal and External positions are available in Muir College Council.

  • Internal Positions:
    – Vice President of Public Relations
    – Student Org Ambassador
    – International & Out-of-State Representative
    – Overflow Student Representative
    – Village Resident Representative [Interim]
    – Diversity Advocate
    – Environmental Advocate
  • External Positions:
    – University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) Representative
    – Sports Facilities Advisory Board (SFAB) Representative
    – Library Student Advisory Council (LSAC) Representative

The following positions are elected on Muir College Council:

  • President
  • Vice President of External Affairs,
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs,
  • Vice President of Finance,
  • Vice President of Administrative Affairs,
  • Vice President of Public Relations,
  • Student Organization Ambassador,
  • Muir Senators to Associated Students (2)

The link to this year’s Muir College Council Application for Fall 2018 are available here!
The applications will also be posted on Muir College Council’s Facebook Page; follow us there to stay posted.